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Enjoy Perfection in Every Detail

Handmade chocolates and candies with your favorite and our special unique flavors.

Make an Impression with Every Bite

Harbor House cakes, cookies and desserts are the perfect choice for any occasion.

Take Home a Taste of Something Special

Handmade jams, jellies and preserves feature flavorful locally-sourced fruits. And don't forget our fudge and caramel sauce!


Meet Our Chocolatier, Pastry Chef & Owner Ginamarie Kinney Anderson

Ginamarie  was born and raised in an Italian family in upstate New York. There were several bakers in her family and she started baking when she was a child. When she got older she chose baking as her career.

She wanted a firm grounding in the science, skill and technique of her art so she enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Minneapolis/St. Paul. In order to finish early she doubled up on classes. While at LCB, wanting to learn even more, she staged and worked for free at Salty Tart with Michelle Guyer, who had worked with the renowned chef Charlie Trotter.

Ginamarie continued her education with an internship in Naples Florida at Mikkelsen Pastry Shop, where she was fortunate to work with chefs from Denmark and France. And at Ingo Chocolatier she worked with Ingo Wullaert, a chocolatier from Belgium.

Having lived in six different states, Ginamarie settled in Washburn, which is her husband David's home town. For several years she was pastry chef at Wild Rice Restaurant in Bayfield. A hard worker, Ginamarie came to believe it was time to work hard for herself. A plan took form and Harbor House Sweets is the result!

Some days I just want to make chocolate
and some days I just want to bake.

I love all of it and I like to package pretty things.

Remember: It’s okay to have a sweet treat,
especially if you can identify all the ingredients in it.
— Ginamarie Kinney-Anderson