Advice for Special Orders

I  like to work on small events just as much as big ones. I can provide individual desserts, specialty chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and cakes. We also make favors for any occasion, and other sweet treats. Your original ideas are as welcome as the traditional ones. Please don't hesitate to inquire — if at all possible, I am happy to fulfill your wishes! 

I like to have an initial contact with customers via email or phone to get an idea of what they are looking for. Then when we meet at Harbor House Sweets, we can have a cake/dessert tasting. I have a form we go through to firm up needs and desires. People are always surprised at the end of our meeting to see how much information I need from them and how much is involved. I want my contribution to your event to be a hit! The customer and I both get a copy of the contract so I know what is expected of me and they know what they are getting. I require a deposit to secure an event date.

Brides should speak to bakeries RIGHT AWAY when they have a reception date. People usually think they have lots of time, and they leave the cake to last. Don't make that mistake — there is a lot of planning and work that goes into getting the right cake or dessert. Dates fill up fast and when there is a wedding, I don't like to have other events on the same day.

I like my customers to be comfortable expressing what they want and what they like. Everyone has a budget and no matter what, we can make your event beautiful. Read your contract and make sure it specifies everything you want. The contract is for your protection as well as mine. You want to be sure you get everything you wanted. Don't be shy to ask questions, this is your day. Enjoy!!

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